Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetForbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
Published by: Simon Pulse
Genre(s): YA
Pages: 454
Buy it: Amazon

Lochan and Maya are the oldest of 5 siblings. Their father abandoned them to live with his new family, and their mother is an alcoholic who cares more about spending time with her boyfriend, than paying the bills or putting food on the table for her kids. Their mother is almost never home, leaving Lochan and Maya to take care of and raise their 3 younger siblings. They have always felt close – more like best friends than brother and sister. And they basically play the role of parents to their siblings, rather than the role of older teenage siblings. This eventually leads to them developing feelings for each other. Yes, romantic/sexual feelings. This book follows them while they struggle with these feelings and their situation.

This was a tough one for me to rate. Throughout the majority of the book I was pretty convinced I would be giving it a 3 star rating. However, the end is what bumped it up to 4 stars. The end is absolutely heartbreaking, but I loved it.

I have never felt so uncomfortable while reading a book. I applaud those who have enough of an open mind to empathize with these characters and their situation, but it was a little out of my comfort zone. The topic of incest is rarely seen in YA books (and just fiction books period) so I also applaud the author’s boldness for writing about something that most view as disgusting and wrong. That takes guts.

Overall, this was a very well written story. It’s fast-paced and addicting but definitely not for everyone.

Overall Rating:



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